About the project

A tent city on the corner of Hiawatha and Franklin has become a make shift home and community for more than 200 Native American men, women and children.

These are our relatives— our friends, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. People who yearn for healthy, productive lives that find themselves instead living in a tent on a strip of grass beside a highway.

A combination of bad luck, lack of opportunity, and hard choices has brought them to this place. They, like so many of our people, have struggled to find stability. The result of generations of trauma, displacement and disconnection from our culture and way of life.  Too many suffer from homelessness, poverty, and chemical abuse— this camp is a visual reminder that we must do better.

The Red Lake Nation has donated land that will be used as a short-term housing solution in Minneapolis—but we need help to ensure vulnerable families are sheltered ahead of the fast approaching Minnesota winter.

Please join our us in our effort to provide warmth, safety, and basic comfort to homeless Minnesota families.

We need your help

We are developing a program to provide transitional and long-term housing solutions for our community members. This new initiative will increase opportunities by expanding access to housing and streamlining the process to get people into safe homes.  

Donations will be used to help people secure and retain housing—including hiring staff to provide referral and placement support and coordinate the transition into permanent supportive housing. We can't do this alone—please consider a tax-deductible donation today.

“Winter is coming, and we absolutely have to get people into safer conditions,”—Sam Strong, Secretary of the Red Lake Nation